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Free Advice For Students: 5 Steps To A Winning Essay

Winning essays are essays that are on an interesting topic, are well written, well structured, have perfect spelling and grammar, and really engage the reader, taking them on a journey with the writer from introduction to conclusion. The best essays you may get serching for the essay writer online.

When writing a high quality essay, my five steps here will ensure you an essay that is fun to read and perfectly structured. All you need to bring to this article is a complete willingness to learn and I can teach you to begin producing perfect essays in three hours. This three hours does not even have to be spent all at the same time—it can be broken up into stages. My point is that the time you spend writing should take up the most of your time. And the best papers are produced when you not only give the writing time, but – the revising time. Revising may be, in reflection, more important than that initial writing anyway. Do you know why? Because once you get that draft done and give it a day or two to sit—a process I call simmering, like a good stew, when you go back to look at it, you will see all kinds of ways you can make the paper even better. Think of it like when you have to clean a messy room. That first run through—you get the room livable, and then sometimes, just knowing that you have the “have to part done” can enable you to go back after some rest, motivated enough by what you’ve already done, to do those extra things that make the room not just super-clean, but sparkling.

Pick the magic topic

By magic topic, the topic needs to satisfy two criteria—it has to be something you are excited enough about, that you care enough about, that the reader will begin to care about it.

Second, it has to be something you already know enough about to freewrite it and with research, make it stellar. But know enough about your topic that the “blah blah” parts around all the quotes, block quotes, and paraphrases that that part comes easy.

Do some quick but stellar research

By quick but stellar research I mean pick high quality research—you can tell those really high quality essays with a glance—and gather some special quotes—informative ones and ones that are phrased really well. Having quality research in your paper is like throwing a blue light under the body of a blue corvette—it just makes the whole picture more alluring.

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Take your readers on a ride

If you are going to get in a car with someone for a ride, would you not like some fun but enjoyable conversation—that kind of conversation that really makes you think. Is there a higher compliment to pay a writer than tell “I thought about what you said later.”

Structure your essay perfectly

Make sure you have all the base elements—these you cannot play with.
A simple introduction, evidence body paragraphs, and closing paragraph will be lovely.
And you simply do not need anything else.

throw in research

If you are going to throw in research—throw it in the right way.
Make sure to use quotes with style.
You want all your punctuation in place. You want the surface as beautiful as the content.

Tip Of The Day

The best writer knows that in the end, simple structure and simple vocabulary works—no one wants to be sent to the dictionary—nor do they want some freakish structure.