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How To Write An Analytical Essay Introduction: Free Tips And Examples

An analytical essay examines how a work was written rather than summarizing it. The focus is narrower than a general summary – it looks at the theme rather than the work as a whole. There may be more than one theme depending on the subject of your essay, so choose one that you recognize easily and go with that. If you choose a theme that's difficult to notice, you won't have much luck during the writing process.

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To write an introduction, you need four things:

  • A hook – something that grabs your reader's attention.
  • A thesis statement – a sentence that tells the readers what your essay is about.
  • Information about the book you're analyzing – if your readers haven't read the book or work, they have no reference about its content.
  • Title of the book and the name of the author – that's pretty self-explanatory.

You have to interest your readers in this very first paragraph. If the subject of your book or certain themes of it have sparked controversy, this is a good place to insert that. Controversy is interesting. It makes people want to know more about the situation.

Let's pretend it is about Anastasia Romanov. There was quite a bit of mystery surrounding her death, or whether she had died at all. This is something that will capture the attention of your readers.

Here is an example: “ When the bodies of the last royal family of Russia were first discovered, Anastasia Romanov's remains were not among them. In (insert title of book), (insert author's name) explores the mystery surrounding the death of the Grand Duchess.

If you find it difficult to begin your introduction, you can always begin by using a quote, starting with a question, or using an attention-grabbing fact.

Your background information is necessary for your audience to understand your thesis, and everything in your beginning paragraph (including your hook) must be related to your thesis.

Your thesis tells the readers the purpose of your essay, so as long as you're confident in your subject, this should be easy. You should already know the purpose of your paper when you're writing your hook.

Lastly, anything else you include in your introduction should tell the readers how you're going to prove your claim. This will set up the outline for the body of your essay, so think of this part as a statement of your main points.

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