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Excellent Process Analysis Essay Topics For College Students

The process analysis essay is basically a set of directions. It can explain how to do something, how a process occurs, or how something works. The paper should present the process, in step form and in chronological order. Knowing this may help you choose the topic for your essay. If you need a few extra idea, here is a list you can browse:

  • How to live without a vehicle
  • How to grow prize-winning giant pumpkins
  • How to learn a foreign language
  • How to improve your memory
  • How to conquer anxiety
  • How to land your first real job
  • How to give your pet guinea pig a bath
  • How to overcome insomnia
  • How to find the perfect roommate
  • How to do winter camping
  • How to use your cell phone to take great photos
  • How to brew the perfect cup of green tea
  • How homemade ice cream is made
  • How to choose a sport to compete in
  • How to make your own website
  • How to recover after a break-up
  • How to apply for your first credit card
  • How to set up an email account
  • How to survive your first year of college
  • How to become a great writer

Your paper will be more meaningful if you choose something you are good at or have some experience with. Try to understand your reader and write as if they may know some of the basics but need help with the actual process. For example, if you choose to write on how to set up an email account, assume your reader knows how to turn on a computer and can find their way around a little bit. Then use details to write about how to set up email in a way they can follow and get the expected results.

Directive processes versus informative processes

Most of the above suggestions are directive topics. In other words, they show the reader how to do something, so they can replicate it. You could also choose an informative topic, which tells the reader how something works. For example, a topic such as how a car works is explanatory. It shows the reader how it works but doesn’t give steps on how to build one.

As you edit your paper, go through the steps as if you don’t know anything about the process analysis. See if they make sense and you could replicate them.

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