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A List Of Definition Essay Topics: 30 Great Suggestions

A definition essay is a special piece of writing in which you are to explain the meaning of a notion in the way that it’s easy to understand. Choosing an apt topic is the first step to successful writing. The winning essay topic is the one which is interesting for a reader and the topic you personally are interested in. It might be difficult to think up something you can explain understandably and impress the reader with. If you are stuck, there are 30 essay titles which may come in handy and give you a push:

  1. Alternative Medicine.
  2. Explain how it differs from traditional medicine.

  3. Homeopathy.
  4. Explain how homeopathy works.

  5. Romanticism.
  6. List the basic features of this style and give examples.

  7. Atheism.
  8. In simple words explain what atheism is.

  9. Censorship.
  10. List the things which can be subjected to it.

  11. Chauvinism.
  12. Give definition of the notion and give examples.

  13. Corruption.
  14. Prove that it should be punished.

  15. Fascism.
  16. Turn to history and give examples.

  17. Genocide.
  18. Explain what genocide is; express your opinion towards it.

  19. Euthanasia.
  20. Decide whether euthanasia is a moral crime or help.

  21. Death Penalty.
  22. Point out pros and cons of such kind of punishment.

  23. Domestic Violence.
  24. State the types of domestic violence and punishment provided.

  25. Ethnic Identity.
  26. Point out main components of ethnic identity.

  27. Endangered Languages.
  28. Explain what languages can be considered endangered; state the causes of the language endangerment.

  29. Globalization.
  30. What are the advantages and drawbacks of the globalized world of today?

  31. Holocaust.
  32. State the consequences of such an outrage upon humanity.

  33. Homosexuality.
  34. What is homosexuality: a sexual disorder or an attempt to follow the fashion?

  35. Mass Media.
  36. Describe the history of mass-media.

  37. Pop Art.
  38. Explain what pop art is and how it influences society.

  39. Belles-lettres Style.
  40. Point out the main peculiarities of this style; give examples.

  41. Software and Hardware.
  42. Explain how these two notions are connected.

  43. Plastic Surgery.
  44. Give the advantages and disadvantages of plastic surgery.

  45. Felony.
  46. Explain what crimes can be considered felonies and what punishment is provided for them by law.

  47. Sex Education.
  48. Explain why it is so important in the world of today.

  49. Social Security.
  50. Explain how it works.

  51. Space Exploration.
  52. Point outstanding achievements and the prospects of space exploration.

  53. Teenage Pregnancy.
  54. Elucidate the danger of teenage pregnancy.

  55. The UNO.
  56. Describe how it is organized and enumerate its main functions.

  57. The WTO.
  58. List key responsibilities of the organization.

  59. Frustration.
  60. Describe this psychological phenomenon and give examples.

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