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What Should I Write About In My Expository Essay On Conflicts?

Expository essay is an essay that gives the readers information that is not full of the writer’s opinions. Expository essay will compare, analyze, discuss, or tell a story. When constructing an expository essay you focus mainly on explaining the facts. v

Conflicts can be categorized as a general subject and thus you need to choose a topic within the conflict subject. Use your acquired skills to find the appropriate topic to write on.


You should start by writing a general statement about your chosen topic, this should catch the reader’s attention. It is often wise to use relevant quotation, anecdote, question, definition, fascinating fact, dilemma that needs to be tackled, or analogy.

Include the context that will provide information that will help the reader understand the topic.

State your position about the topic; note that this is your thesis statement that you will use enough evidence to support.

Body Paragraph

  • Topic sentence
  • Give the main idea that you wish to discuss

  • Supporting evidence
  • Here you include your textual evidence: paraphrases, cited quotes or summary; or even evidence from other sources that supports your thesis.

  • Analysis
  • Explain the significance of your evidence, a good thumbs up is to think of the reason why you decided to include it and explain in that perspective. More concise is to answer the question ‘How does the used evidence support your thesis?

  • Transition
  • Use a couple of sentences to demonstrate how your ideas pilot to the next paragraph.

  • Conclusion
  • At the end of your essay provide the reader with an overview of the major ideas you had included in your discussion. All in all, ensure to highlight the succession of your thought route.

Essays are very overwhelming thus need a lot of time. Below are some basics of a great essay

  • Clear and concise wording

  • Essay is written in second person perspective

  • have a thesis statement and have topic statement on each paragraph

  • have the most important points emphasized, and they should be factual

  • conclusion should summarize your facts, restate your arguments, or give the next step either to further the research

  • each paragraph covers a topic and each sentence presents a new idea

  • easy flowing essays; use transitory phrases or words

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