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Foundations of Marriage

Every marriage has a foundation. The issue, however, is whether the foundations are right or wrong. Any marriage not built on the right foundation may fail or crush. The matter of importance is to ensure that marriages are built on the right foundations. The wrong foundations of marriage have seen couples go through separations and divorce that may be painful experiences. Some people’s marriages may have foundations on lust, sex, money or even promises that are made to them before the marriage. The wrong foundation then causes the marriage breakages and divorce. It is important and crucial for every couple before marriage to ensure that their marriage is built on the right foundation because otherwise it will fail.

Ways to Build a Strong Foundation of Marriage

Efforts are required to build a strong foundation for one's marriage. Both parties, however, need to play their part in the success towards achieving a firm foundation of their marriage. Friendship is one of the important aspects to build a firm foundation for marriage. The need to be friends is very vital and necessary. Ensuring that you are there for each other and helping each other solve problems is vital. By doing so you get to learn and know each other and to understand the likes and dislikes of your partner. Having the spirit of love is also paramount. Let your love be based on love and not things like sex, lust or money his way when it comes to marriage the love never dies. It is also crucial that each of the partners understands the need for them to be together. This will result from the interactions you may have had before. However, it is also important to ensure that you spend time apart. This way you realize the bonds between the two of you and the need to be together. Prayers are critical. Praying together is one of the requirements for a strong foundation of marriage.

Principles of a Strong Foundation of Marriage

A firm foundation of marriages requires partners to respect one another. The other principle is that building the basis of marriage is hard work and it takes time. Partners thus need to practice patience with each other. Any relationship that needs to last needs to built on honesty, and so should marriage. It is also vital that both partners commit to stay with each other no matter the circumstances and hardships.

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