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Useful Hints On Creating An Introduction For An Argumentative Essay

If you are trying to write a good argumentative paper then you should keep some points always in your mind which can make your paper more informative and at the same time enrich the quality of it. For starters, you should know the definition of argumentative paper, what type of information this type of writing should contain, format of the writing etc. The introduction is absolutely important. After the title, it is the first thing a reader notices, and you need to establish the tone of what is to come in the rest of the content.


An argumentative paper is a type of writing which contains evidence, personal experience, historical examples, literature and logical background which supports that particular topic or issue. The introduction part must contain the overview of the work which had done by the writer and the evidence which supports the viewpoint of the writer. Generally the writer uses several examples and arguments to establish his or her point of view.

Points which should be present in the introduction for an argumentative paper

To arrange custom college papers properly at first you should give the introduction part which will contain the introduction of the topic. Introduction part of the paragraph will contain the hook and the thesis. The hook part will contain facts, quotes, statistics which are related to the topic and this part should be interesting enough to sick the attention of the reader. Thesis part should contain a statement which will explain what you want to prove and what type of arguments you gave in the body of the paper to establish your viewpoint.

  • Hook
  • This is the first part of the introduction so it should be attractive and interesting. It should contain all those points like quotes which are related to the topic, statistics, and references which refer the topic or issue. And you should present all this points to the user in such a way that they get interest to read the rest of the part.

  • Thesis
  • You should describe your work in few words in this part. Basically you have to give a brief idea about proves and arguments which supports your work and will be discussed in the rest of the part of the writing. You have to write your thesis in such a way that after reading this part user will get an overview of your work and view point.

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