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Good Advice On How To Create An Outline For A Descriptive Essay

The outline is a critical component to the pre-writing or planning phase of any assignment and yet it is one that often goes overlooked by many. For students, this piece of planning is important because it affords you the opportunity to lay out everything that you want to include in your arguments and your evidence and see how it stacks up, side by side, with every other component. It is also an opportunity to make sure that the order of your arguments conforms best to the logical reasoning of your reader and that each argument you are presenting has equal numbers of supporting evidence or facts. This type of planning is what allows students to approach the actual writing of their first draft with ease.

When creating an outline for a descriptive essay, you may not require as many pieces of academic research or evidence to back up your description, but you still use the same general components.

The Five Senses

When you are writing a description, your goal is to utilize all five senses in order to really put the reader in the exact place, eating the exact food, or looking at the exact flower that you have. Your goal is to incorporate as many sensory details as possible to provide the reader with as many pieces of insight as possible in order to put together the most comprehensive mental picture.

How to List Information

In order to make sure you have enough sensory details and that you have adequately covered all of the senses, you want to use the organizational planning methods mentioned above. You can start by listing each of the senses you want to cover as either a bullet point, letter, Roman numeral, or number. You can then place smaller bullet points, lower case letters, Roman numerals, or numbers beneath each sense to supply your supporting details, the adjectives that you want to highlight, or the insight you want to include.

**Note: There is no right or wrong way to set up your organization and as such, you should feel free to play around with various styles until you find one that best suits your mental organization and helps you to organize all of your thoughts. **

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