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A Complete Tutorial On How To Create A Persuasive Essay On Nuclear Power

Persuasive writing is different from what you may be accustomed to if you have written many argumentative essays in the past. The latter deals with presenting two points as objectively as possible to let the reader make an informed decision at the end. The former is all about convincing the reader even if that requires one point to be purposefully painted in a negative light. In the event that you choose to discuss nuclear power in your essay, here are some things that can help you through the process:

  • Phrase your topic carefully
  • The way you word your topic can pigeon hole you or it can free you. This is a trick that politicians and advertising executives regularly make use of. If you ask if people want to help each other they will say yes but if you ask if they would give up some of what they have so that someone else can have it becomes problematic. It gets even worse when you say that they must have a definite increase in taxes to increase welfare benefits.

  • Study nuclear power carefully
  • To write about something convincingly it helps to understand at least the most basic aspects of it. You need to read up on the scientific realities beyond this source of electricity to make your essay more than just hearsay.

  • Decide which side you want to fight
  • Having acquired this information, you need to pick a side. Do you actually think this is a good alternative source of energy? That question must be answered firmly before you can go on.

  • Collect resources and citations
  • Jut as your research was necessary so you would know what you were talking about, your citations are required so that readers will know you are not just making up your ‘facts’ so that your argument stands. Make sure that any source you cite is reliable or the persuasion aspect of your essay will flop.

  • Leave enough time for editing and proofreading
  • This seems like such a simple part of the process that many students dismiss it. This is a terrible mistake. You may leave in parts of your outline that contain counterarguments or you could just misspell major elements of the essay repeatedly. While this may not directly counteract your message, it could very well distract from it. This is too easy to prevent.

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