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Top 24 Unique Argumentative Essay Title Examples

If you are biting your nails and trying to brainstorm because you need to come up with a title for your argumentative essay, stop it. We have the solution for your problem, so relax. Instead of trying for hours to think of something brilliant, read the topic we came up with and use the time for writing instead of making yourself feel nervous.

Useful Title Ideas

  1. Do you agree that the numerous wars negatively affect the international image of the USA? What do you think about this statement?

  2. Which attitude do you agree with, those of vegetarians or meat eaters? What do you think about each?

  3. Is contraception an important part of education in kids’ lives?

  4. Can atheists and religious people find a common ground and tolerate each other even though they have such opposing views?

  5. Do you approve of marijuana legalization?

  6. Why do you think people don’t feel ashamed to talk about sex, but they feel embarrassed to talk about cheating?

  7. Is plastic surgery a way to improve beauty or destroy its essence?

  8. Should animals undergo medical and scientific research just so people can benefit it?

  9. What are the main issues the whole world needs to focus on?

  10. Are privately run prisons a good or bad idea? Is it possible?

  11. What is the significance of the “sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll” era?

  12. Do you believe in god and why?

  13. Is it better to leave mass murders in prison for their whole life or sentence them to a death penalty?

  14. What would you do to prevent wars?

  15. Do you consider yourself to be different? What are your views on “the mass”?

  16. What do you think about abortion, are you against it or for it?

  17. Would you do a cosmetic surgery? Why would or wouldn’t you do it?

  18. Do we have the right to examine dead bodies of prominent people? Is that moral and ethical?

  19. What would you do about the terrorist organizations in the world?

  20. What are your views and opinions on The Black Square by Kazimir Malevich?

  21. Do you support animal rights? Are you against wearing fur?

  22. Should men be allowed to have several wives?

  23. Do you believe men and women generally have equal rights?

  24. What are your views on global warming? What would you do regarding this matter?

Argumentative paper require thorough research, so make sure you explore all the sources you have on your disposal. Good luck!

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