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Impact Of Emotions On Decision Making


Emotions are the name of a complex psychological state, which includes three distinctive factors—an expressive response or behaviour, a subjective experience, and a physical response. Emotions can also be defined as judgements regarding the degree to which your current condition meets your desired goals.

Decision-making and emotions

There are many ways to express emotions; they are broadly divided into two types, positive emotions and negative emotions. Positive emotions include care, friendship, satisfaction, happiness, joy, understanding, love, etc. On the other hand, negative emotions include sadness, anger, hate, frustration, greed, envy, etc. We all assume that we think from our brains but, quite often, people act on impulse rather than making educated decisions. Some people give more importance to logic and facts, while others think with their emotions. Hence, some people are more emotional than others.

It is considered that people who are emotional make most of their decisions based on their emotions rather than cold facts. It is a fact that all decisions are ruled to some degree by emotions, from small decision like buying a toy to big decisions like investing in a business.

Effects of emotions of decision-making

The decision-making process is affected by many different factors, but some of the major factors are your emotions. According to a research, when an individual is feeling positive, they tend to make positive decisions, and when they experience negative emotions, they are likely to make negative decisions. In these situations, the decisions may or may not be the correct one, even when you make decisions in a positive mood. For example, you may like something and buy it, but it later turns out it was not a good decision to buy it.

Decision can also be affected by over-optimism or over-pessimism, as this will result in clouded thinking, which leads to poor decision-making. For example, if one is in a bad mood, there are chances they can end up making messy decisions that harm both them and others emotionally and/or financially.

Rational and emotional decisions

Comparing rational and emotional decisions, the difference between both types of decision-making can be judged. It takes time to make an educated and rational decision, but very little time to make an emotional decision. The individual’s experience and the incident(s) leading up to the decision-making play a vital role in the kind of choice the individual makes.

Decisions are highly affected by the emotions of the person(s) at the time when they are taken.

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