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Ethics And Immigration

Immigration is a hotly contested topic within politics, and wider society. Due to the globalized world we live in, immigration is becoming very common, and along with that many ethical issues have risen, such as the right of immigrants, and the control of borders by nation-states.


A prominent discussion about the ethics of immigration is the issue of borders. Many people argue that nations are allowed full control of their borders, and can choose whether or not to let any immigrants in. Proponents of this argument claim that states are entitled to self-determination and self-association, therefore their right to close their borders cannot be impeded.

However people who argue for open borders claim that closing borders restricts the freedom of people to travel, and that it gives more control to the government to rule over people. They also claim that there are economics benefits to be made from open borders, as it encourages more trade between nations. There are also predictions made by many economists that allowing immigration to any country could double world GDP. People supporting open borders also cite the freedom of association, which many believe to be an innate right, and that it should not be infringed through closing of borders.

Within the European Union, there is much discussion about the open borders policy. In the UK for example, after the EU expansion in 2004, many Eastern Europeans came to find work and improve their economic situation. There was a rise in the UK against the open borders policy of the EU, where some of the UK populace thought that the new wave of workers were driving down wages, and some other wrongly conceived misconceptions, which has played a major part in the rise of anti EU views in the UK, which has led to a scheduled referendum on the UK’s membership in 2017.

Effects of Immigrants

There are many concerns about immigration with regards to the cultural impact they can make. Generally with large waves of immigration, many of the native population is worried about changing demographics, such as a large concentration of immigrant in one specific area could lead to a loss of cultural identity of the native culture. This issue has been exacerbated recently during the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe, which has led to the rise of many right wing parties across the continent.

Immigration is a big topic, which has occupied much of politics and society as the world has become globalized. It continues to be a controversial topic as many recent crises have shown.

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