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Composing A Good Critical Analysis Essay On The Yellow Wallpaper

A critical analysis essay is a detailed composition that is often dedicated to a work of literature. It’s a popular assignment among academic papers because they are a great way of teaching students to think critically.

Below, you will find tips on how to compose a good critical analysis essay on The Yellow Wallpaper.

  • Read the text.
  • As The Yellow Wallpaper novel is quite short, you can make a copy of the text in the library. This will allow you to make marks in the text while reading, and there will be no other critical annotations to influence your own opinion.

  • Create your own system of marks and notes.
  • It will help if you systematize all the marks that you make in the text so that you never mix up anything important.

  • Do a superficial analysis.
  • The first critical annotation that will become a part of your paper should be done after a brief look through the text. Your first impression and the way the plot unfolds—these should be the two main focuses of your attention.

  • Divide the text into parts.
  • If you do a detailed critical analysis, you need to focus your reading. In The Yellow Wallpaper, you can use the natural way the text is divided by the author.

  • Add some positive feedback.
  • If you feel that the author has reached special success in some aspects of the novel (depiction of characters, explanation of their actions, etc.), don’t hesitate to admit and emphasize it.

  • Move on to the main points.
  • When getting down to more profound research, pay special attention to whether the author has the right to speak about certain phenomena. For example, in The Yellow Wallpaper, the author partially describes her own experience, so she can accurately evaluate the mental and emotional sensations of the main character. Sometimes authors go beyond their knowledge or experience, and such attempts can be criticized.

  • Complete the essay.
  • In the end, speak about the general impression the novel has left in your mind and soul. You need to make sure that you have understood the main idea and plot properly in order to avoid incorrect conclusions. In the closing part of the essay, you can say whether you agree or disagree with the author and why. Try to avoid being excessively emotional in your essay and its closing part. Stick to facts and arguments that are based on something more trustworthy and solid than mere emotions.

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