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List Of Unique Personal Narrative Essay Topics For High School Students

Personal narrative essays give you a chance to tell a story from your own perspective. This is a great tool for aspiring actors as well as writers because it forces you to use your own perspective. Here are some things to consider before you start selecting an angle for your topic to follow:

What matters to you?

If you write with this in mind, you will find yourself producing much better work. You are not necessarily going to only create work that appeals to your ideas but whenever you can it is something you should attempt.

What will your readers appreciate?

The most important reader in this case is the teacher who marks your work. If you can appeal to him or her with your writing, you can get much better grades as a result.

What will your time-line permit?

If you are a perfectionist you may find yourself trying to create the most wonderful written masterpieces which inspire awe but you simply have no time to do so. Work with your resources in mind. This advice will come in handy if ever you are asked to produce one of these under exam conditions.

Having looked at those three tips and fully absorbed them you may be ready to start coming up with topics. Here are a few that might get your creative juices flowing:

  • The day I lost a loved one and had to say goodbye

  • Being the football hero

  • The new kid in a new school but the same town

  • The summer job interview

  • How I killed the toaster with a fork

  • The end of my first relationship

  • Learning to build a birdhouse with my alcoholic grandfather

  • Three weeks in Paris with only basic French

  • Being friend-zoned for the hundredth time

  • The first time I ever played guitar

  • Being the passenger of a distracted driver

  • The time I met a mythical creature on a lonely road

  • Watching history in the making

  • Seeing my friends with new eyes

  • Breaking a limb on the first day of summer

These are ideas that can be taken in any direction. As a writer you can decide if they will be humorous or deep and moving. You can even practice on these to get a better sense of your style so that when you actually complete your narrative essay, you will be more than ready.

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