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A List Of Interesting American History Essay Topics For Grade 10

The American History is a debated topic in itself with historian debating on the evolution of America after Christopher arrived in 1492 or after the colonization period in 1600s. For student of history it is important for them to know the basics or facts of all the eras. Individually the facts might not point toward something but if a person were to link all the fact it might reveal a lot about the past. It is important for a student to read about history and write his conclusions or his views. America being the world superpower is hard to be ignored by any individual of this world. The seeds of learning history are sown in the early ages of a student life. For a grade 10 student facts in history must be known and now he must be able to have his own views on the past events.

Few interesting essay topics might be:

  1. Christopher was welcomed by the red Indians.
  2. Red Indians are the only true Americans.
  3. Places where French settled in America.
  4. The gulf war revolution.
  5. Boston Tea party and the after effects.
  6. Prehistory phase of America
  7. Pre-colonial era
  8. George Washington and the united states of America
  9. The colonies of british in America
  10. Canada and USA
  11. Peace treaty of USA
  12. Europeans and their development models in USA
  13. The Stamp act 1765
  14. The fight for freedom of America
  15. The formation of congress.
  16. Reliving the freedom of America.
  17. The first president of America.
  18. The constitution of America.
  19. The conflict of Massachusetts
  20. The history behind formation of congress.

There are many more topics which can be of interest to a 10th grader. The ones listed above are just a few which would give a fair deal of idea on the American freedom and revolution. It is also the duty of the teacher to generate interest on the subject so that the student tries to learn himself and enjoys the topic. History as a subject been known as a repellent of curiosity though, there is a lot to learn from the past because as they say “history repeats itself”. The student must be given counselling from time to time because he might not be able to think from a different perspective given that he is assuming what is written is true. Albeit, history is written by winners and hence, needs to be verified from multiple sources.

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