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Winning Compare and Contrast Essay Topics in Psychology

A compare and contrast essay is built on comparing two objects, items, phenomena, etc. that have not only something in common, but also a range of different features. That’s why it’s very important what you choose for comparison.

In general, an essay topic is a thing that determines the success of your work. If you are interested in what you are researching, if you are excited about it, then, you will definitely do a profound project that will be interesting even to readers who have nothing to do with the area.

To choose a good topic, you need to remember several tips.

  • Make sure you are interested in it.

  • Make sure your topic is unique within your group.

  • Make sure you have enough reference sources of information.

  • Make sure you can change the topic if something goes wrong.

Quite often, teachers offer students a range of already composed essay topics to choose from. Still, if you want something that makes your own heart beat faster, you should think about creating your own topic. You can find good ideas on the Web, at resources that are dedicated to essay writing guides.

Below, you can also find a range of topic ideas, which can be interesting to you. However, using such offers, you need to creatively transform them in order to compose a unique topic idea that will be completely yours. It will make sure that there will be no other research composed by another student and dedicated to the same subject.

  1. Compare and contrast cognitive perspective and behavioral perspective as two types of abnormal behavior.

  2. Compare and contrast two main areas of psychological studies: Developmental Psychology and Cognitive Psychology.

  3. Compare and contrast physical and mental aspects of examining a person from the psychological point of view.

  4. Compare and contrast behaviorism and psychodynamic as two possible approaches to the provision of health and social care.

  5. Compare and contrast methods used by the personal construct theory and the trait theory.

  6. Compare and contrast aims, methods and essence of normal and abnormal psychology.

If you want to come up with your own topic idea, but neither brainstorming nor hints from the Internet give a result, you can try asking your teacher for a piece of advice. With the help of professional recommendations and knowing what you would like to research in your work, you will certainly find a solution that will satisfy your teacher’s demands and meet your own interests.

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