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Basic Tutorial On How To Create A Thesis Statement For A Profile Essay

Before we start thinking about how to create a thesis statement, perhaps we need to address what it is in the first place. There is no reason for you to worry about working on or creating something yet in the first place you do not understand what it really is. By definition, this is a statement that collapses your main ideas into one or two sentences. When you are working on it, it is important to ensure that it delivers the topic of your paper and at the same time you should also use this as a chance to comment on your position with respect to the topic you are working on.

In short, a thesis statement is supposed to give the reader a brief idea of what your work is all about, and at the same time act as a guideline for you when you are writing, so that you keep your arguments in check. The following are some useful tips that should help you write a very good statement:

  • Understand the paper that you are working on
  • Keep the statement specific
  • Position of the statement
  • Be flexible

Understand the paper that you are working on

The most important thing about writing this statement is for you to understand what it is you are working on. Different papers have different styles of rules for writing this. Make sure that you do understand whether your paper is supposed to be analytical, expository or an argumentative one before you proceed.

Keep the statement specific

This is where so many students fail. Do not beat about the bush here. The statement must be straight and to the point. This means that as you are writing it, you need to ensure that it focuses only on the things that you will discuss in the paper, and has all supportive evidence to back it up.

Position of the statement

This might sound like common sense but so many students do not know this yet. This statement must always come at the end of the first paragraph for your work. If you place it anywhere else, you will surely fail.

Be flexible

Finally, and this is an important one too, your title might change as you write the paper. As a result you need to focus on how this change affects the thesis statement and make the appropriate changes.

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