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How School Official Can Prevent Bullying

The kind of statistics we have on bullying is worrying. At least a third of students in public schools in America have reported cases of bullying. It is disturbing to think of how many other cases have not been reported. The problem is that most of the students who are bullied and do not bother to report could be planning revenge that could be even worse than bullying. Three-quarters of students who bring weapons to schools have been bullied but did not bother reporting. They now carry weapons to protect themselves. Bullying has adverse effects on students. This affects students negatively. The main reason bullying is on the rise is because the responsibility to stop bullying has been left to the teachers and school officials only. Most students get the bullying attitude from their parents at home. It should, therefore, be a collective responsibility. Teachers are however in a better-placed position to prevent bullying in schools, but even parents and the religious leaders should be right in the middle of fighting bullying.

Getting Started

The best way to curb bullying in our public schools is by trying to prevent it before it starts. This will start by accessing the situation. The school officials should look into the potential risk factors that are likely to contribute to bullying. Some of these factors include drug and substance abuse and exposure to violence. To start with, drug and substance abuse should not be allowed in schools. Stringent measures should be formulated and put in place to prevent substance abuse. Use of drugs is also likely to lead to carrying weapons to schools. This may be as a result of insecurity caused by the use of drugs. Students that have been exposed to violence in the past should be taken through programs that help them get through traumatizing occurrences without being violent themselves. I feel that the school officials should be more proactive in the fight against bullying.

Create rules and regulations

The students should appreciate the effort of the school to prevent bullying and other cases of indiscipline. This can best be achieved by involving students in formulating rules against vices such as bullying. This should be done despite or regardless of whether the prevention measures are working or not. School officials should try to create an environment of respect and tolerance. This can be achieved through positive social interactive sessions and inclusiveness.

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