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How To Write An Effective 5-Paragraph Essay: Great Suggestions

At high school or college teachers usually ask students to write a short research paper in a form of a five paragraph essay in order to help them develop basic skills in academic writing. Some students find it difficult to organize their thoughts and ideas into such a small but effective piece of work.

Thus, a five paragraph essay, as any other kind of the essay, should consist of three parts:

  1. introduction;
  2. body:
    • the first paragraph;
    • the second paragraph;
    • the third paragraph;
  3. conclusion.

Let’s take a closer look at each part of the research work and suggest the great details you should take into account in order to write an effective academic paper of this kind.

The Introduction

Success of the academic writing depends a lot upon how you present it. Think of any relevant short story or interesting real life episode, statistics, quotation, anecdote, or historical event to start the essay with and draw reader’s attention to what is written in your piece of work. Then, introduce the topic of the paper. Think of the one that is original and captivating. After that, present a thesis statement to show the main idea of the essay. Finally, acquaint the reader with the three points you will support your thesis with.

The Body Paragraphs

The number of paragraphs has to be three. Even if you have more ideas to share with choose the strongest and the most persuasive ones. Organize each paragraph in the following manner:

  • Introduce the first supporting idea of the thesis statement;
  • Provide two or three relevant examples;
  • Comment on the examples in several sentences (two or three);
  • Summarize a paragraph, not a paper.

If one of the points you have is weak, put it between the strongest ideas. The best place for that is the second paragraph. Don’t write too much information within a paragraph. Be precise; save your time and energy.

The Conclusion

This is the final paragraph of the essay in which you have to wrap up what was stated in the paper. Reword the thesis and summarize the three supportive ideas that prove it. End the paragraph with a thought provoking sentence.

Transit smoothly from one paragraph to another and connect sentences logically within a paragraph. Make use of the following transition words and phrases: firstly, moreover, then, finally, in fact, for example, some people say, for this reason, surely, and others.

All in all, a research paper has to be well thought out and accomplished in accordance with the requirements mentioned above if a student wants to submit an effective 5-paragraph essay to his or her teacher.

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