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List Of 15 Essay Topics About Hollywood For College Students

Nowadays, many teenagers are attracted by Hollywood. They watch the movies and they see a world where everyone is famous, talented and rich. What’s there not to like? However, things are not always as they seem and this is what you have to emphasize in your essay. If you did not choose a topic yet, you can look at this list and see which one fits your style:

  1. The American Dream. This concept is common especially among foreigners, the ones who think that if they go to USA they can become rich and famous. This also involves a certain type of family and lifestyle.

  2. The biggest actors from Hollywood. If you are passionate about movies, you can complete this assignment without making any research.

  3. Marilyn Monroe. She is one of the most famous women, even though she did not have a perfect life as many seem to believe.

  4. Hollywood during the prohibition. There was a time in USA when the government wanted to stop the citizens from drinking alcohol. However, in Hollywood everyone was doing it without any punishment. Why?

  5. The path to success. People from all over the world go to Hollywood thinking that someone will notice them and they will become famous. What do you think about this?

  6. Scammers and cheaters. There were many cases when young girls were attracted with big contracts, just so they can end up working for small films and gaining no money. How can the government prevent this from happening?

  7. The most famous films ever made in Hollywood. You can even watch one with your colleagues, as this will be fun for all of you.

  8. The biggest agency in the city. Let’s say that someone wants to become an actor; what is the best place to go?

  9. Drugs and alcohol. Is it true that most of the stars are using drugs, or it’s just a story created by the media?

  10. Beauty standards. Do you think that Hollywood creates beauty standards?

  11. The years of glory of Hollywood.

  12. Film producers that were discovered on the street. Your favorite film. Discuss about it and why you love it so much.

  13. Is it possible to become famous over night? What do you think about fame?

  14. The history of Hollywood. Present some pictures and videos.

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