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Writing Solutions: An Outline For A Cause And Effect Essay On Smoking

The hazards of smoking have always been a topic of innumerable debates. While smokers defend their habit as healthy for themselves and that they will fall sick if they are forced to quit, it is universally accepted that smoking is death trap even for non-smokers. The issue is so frequently discussed that there are lots of perspective that one can explore if assigned an essay on the causes and effects of smoking.

Here we provide a guideline according to which you can assemble your essay. However, it should be kept in mind that this is not the only way you can present your essay and one’s own innovations are always unique.

  • Introduction: Irrespective of the topic, an essay essentially begins with an introduction. For this particular topic, the introduction can begin with opinions for and against smoking. A possible opening can be:
    “A puff of smoke, the stench of burning tobacco accompanied by the sensational stinging yet pleasing feel in the throat altogether is a smoker’s haven. The same swirling smoke rings are like the hangman’s noose to the one who do not smoke…”

  • The causes of smoking: A separate paragraph should be dedicated to the causes alone. In fact the causes of smoking are so diverse that one would actually require breaking it into several paragraphs each dedicated to a particular cause. Here we have actually given the possible general reasons for smoking which you can expand in details.

    • Hereditary: The most common of the cause is the child’s tendency to imitate their elders. It is widely observe that the child is more likely to grow up into a smoker adult if his or her parents (even one of them) smoke.

    • Stress: Another major reason for incurring smoking habits is stress. Be it professional or personal, a large part of the smoking population recollect their experience of first smoke as an outcome of some sort of psychological pressure.

    • Curiosity: These people are a minority community in the smoking population who did not have any external push to become a smoker but tried it just out of curiosity and gradually became an addict.

  • The effects of smoking: Whatever be the causes, the effect is always the same. It is advised to the essayist that they adorn their essay with factual reports and surveys on the effects to make it more informative and interesting. Universally known effects are lung cancer and similar respiratory diseases. Also infections in and around the mouth or cancer of throat are the deadliest of these effects. Others include chronic coughs, and in women pregnancy related hazards.

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