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Helpful Directions For Composing A 5th Grade Compare And Contrast Essay

In fifth grade, students are assigned different types of work. A compare and contrast essay is widely used to teach students to think analytically. This means that they must not only describe objects or ideas, but find some similarities and differences between them. Thus, the aim of this type of essay is to help students deeply understand the comparable objects and the connections between them. To achieve success, consider the following guidelines:

  • Structure your writing properly.
  • The structure of this kind of essay is strict. Your work must be organized as follows:

    1. Introduction
    2. Paragraph on the most notable similarities of the objects.
    3. Paragraph on the most notable differences between the objects.
    4. Conclusion.

  • Study the samples.
  • Before writing your work, you should study some examples of this type of writing. Pay attention to the organization of the text, the logical connections between elements, and the persuasiveness of the introduction and conclusion.

  • Explore your topic.
  • Think of the main ideas you will write about in your work. Make an outline and organize your thoughts according to the required structure. You can also discuss the topic and any ideas you have with your classmates. Given that the introduction and conclusion are crucial elements for writing a successful work, you should think thoroughly about them.

  • Be original.
  • Concentrate on the most striking similarities and differences between the objects. Try to find something unusual to make your writing more effective.

  • Be analytical.
  • Fifth graders are often instructed to compare objects that have both something in common and something distinctive. Try to decide whether there are more similarities or differences.

  • Make a draft.
  • After a thorough analysis of the topic, compose a first draft using your outline. You can also read it to your classmates and discuss it with them in order to come up with a final version of your work.

  • Use transition words.
  • It’s very important to use specific transition words in compare and contrast essays, as they usually indicate whether you are writing about the similarities or the distinctive features. Moreover, by using such words, you make your work more consistent and logically connected. Although you are required to outline your main ideas in the thesis, remember to use transition words within the text to help the reader understand your point of view.

  • Write the final version.
  • Check your draft for grammar and spelling mistakes and write the final version.

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