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Writing Hints For Students: Phrases To Use In A Comparative Essay

When you are writing a comparative essay you will have to be careful with the words. There are a few signature phrases which will make writing a compare and contrast paper really easy. A good comparative essay is very much dependent on the language. Of course you will also need facts. Without the right facts you cannot support your points. Writing is an art in itself and you will have to weave all the points into one paper using the language.

The art of expression

English is a very interesting subject and has too many different ways of stating the same thing. You can take help from a thesaurus and learn the different ways of expressing a contrasting point. You will be using some of the most commonly used phrases but it never hurts to experiment and use new ones that will make the sentence sound better. When you are writing you will have to use different phrases of an essay and try them out individually.

Even then, there are a few phrases and words that are usually used in comparative writing and you can use these in your essay. Here are a few examples that will make the job much easier. Many students find themselves clueless when confronted with the task of writing a compare and contrast paper. Hopefully a few commonly used phrases will help in getting you to start writing. Once you have started with the paper it will come to you automatically.

Commonly used phrases in comparative writing:

  • Suppose you are going to compare two objects which are fundamentally different yet resemble each other in quite a few ways. You can use the phrase ‘in similar fashion’

  • If you are finding it hard to come up with a word that will bring out the contrast between the two subject you can use words such as ‘nonetheless’ or ‘notwithstanding’. These make up for great conjugations between two points.

  • ‘At the same time’ is another fine example of how a phrase can be used to compare and contrast at the same time.

  • For bringing out two distinct features you can use ‘on the other hand’. It is a brilliant way of bring two completely different points together and letting the reader know how the subjects are different from each other in a fundamental way.

  • You can also use ‘by the same token’ when you are using some common yardstick for drawing comparison.

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