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Captivating Argumentative Essay Topics For High School Students

The power to convince or persuade people with what you want them to believe is a very challenging job. These people also possess principles or ideas that you can’t easily turn down overnight. You need first to establish points or grounds that will make them change their perspective. One way of doing it is presenting either visual evidence or actual situations that address their doubts or concerns regarding the issue.

It is in middle school that students start to ask a lot of questions about almost anything that they see or observe. The following are captivating argumentative essay topics for their level:

  1. Premarital sex This is the hottest issue we have today among teenagers. They make their decisions without thinking of the consequences.

  2. Abortion This is probably the outcome or result of the first issue. Without proper guidance and attention, it could result in an even worse scenario.

  3. Ghosts and paranormal activities Students are always asking if they exist or not. Better do a study to discover and learn something.

  4. Animal’s rights and experiments A good topic for animal and pet lovers that could spark a heated debate

  5. Cervical and Prostate cancer High school students, both male, and female, should be aware that they are capable of having these diseases if they are not educated well on what to do.

  6. Juvenile delinquency Taking a look at the effects of petty crimes is very important.

  7. Drug addiction Taking it as part of their curiosity.

  8. Effects of social media The possibility of cyber bullying could be discussed here.

  9. The use of cellphones and other gadgets in school Its effects on the academic performance of the students and the school policy.

  10. Alcoholism Drinking and intoxication from family influence and peer pressure.

  11. Smoking Students are trying to establish a different personality.

  12. Death penalty The importance of abiding by the law versus violating it.

  13. Human DNA and cloning Students will be able to know that a little knowledge is dangerous.

  14. The invasion of pornography Watching it for personal gratification.

  15. Personality crisis All adolescents will undergo this stage and should prepare for it.

  16. Personal discipline A very important topic to discuss in becoming a better person.

  17. Work and study habit Learning how to set priorities and identifying the chances of success.

  18. Peer pressure Learning to say no to what is not beneficial.

  19. Absenteeism The effects on the academic performance of students.

  20. Broken family Learning how to deal with it and using it as a challenge to strive more.

High school is the most unforgettable stage in a student’s life. In spite of this fact, a lot of problems and challenges should be faced by the adolescent to make him a better person.

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