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5 Main Rules For Writing A 5-Paragraph Illustration Essay

A five page essay, just as the name suggests contains five paragraphs. These types of essay are commonly used by professionals and currently teachers are suggesting them to their students. Reading and understanding what the assignment is about and also getting a variety of useful information are crucial. The formatting is considered the most important aspect of all this. It should have very clear transition across subjects and will clearly show the span of knowledge one has concerning a particular subject. The five main rules for writing these types of writing mainly lie within the format; what to include in which paragraph. The following is what is supposed to be included in specific paragraphs.

    Introductory paragraph

    This is the first paragraph for your essay. This paragraph should start with a general discussion of the topic, thesis or main point and dive into the specific concentration on the theme. It is always advisable to use the active voice when writing this part. It is considered more powerful, but cannot be used when writing personal narratives. There is always a tendency of starting with the subject in every sentence, this should not be the case. One should try use a variety of approaches and also different key wording. Always ensure you have efficient, supportive ideas so your arguments in this paragraph are strong.

  • Main body
  • This part will consist of three paragraphs. Each paragraph should only focus on one idea. You have to make sure that each paragraph flows in the right manner.

    1. First paragraph
    2. This paragraph is characterized by very strong arguments. The first sentence of this paragraph should include the topic for this paragraph. This topic should relate to the main theme in question. The last sentence for this paragraph is the transition to the second paragraph.

    3. Second paragraph
    4. Contains the second strongest argument, the first sentence here should basically reflect on the first paragraph. The main topic for this paragraph should be in the second or third sentence. The last sentence here is a transition to the third paragraph

    5. Third paragraph
    6. This contains the final argument. This is mostly the weakest point. The first sentence should basically reflect on the last sentence of second paragraph. The topic should come afterwards, but in either second or third sentence. The last sentence should be written as a hook to the concluding paragraph

  • Concluding paragraph
  • The conclusion should basically start with a restatement of your main point. Ensure you phrase it appropriately to avoid repetition. Include the idea or feeling you want to leave with your reader. The conclusion is basically the reverse of introduction. it will start in a more specific manner and become more general as one finishes.

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