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Creating an Excellent Critical Analysis Essay about the Glass Menagerie

Critical analysis of Glass Menagerie play can focus on a wide range of issues from the play scenes and settings. A critical analysis is merely an evaluation of someone's work based on your opinion. A convincing critical analysis is based on your own understanding of the play. It will require you to critically read the work first before writing the analysis essay. Here's is how to make your critical analysis look more credible:

  1. Read the play twice: Even an additional reading is acceptable to help understand the settings, scenes, use of characters and other aspects of the play. This will be crucial to exposing the flaws in the work.
  2. Research the background of the Glass Menagerie play: Most authors are inspired by real life experiences. Understanding the background and motivations behind the play development helps to understand it better. Such information can come from interviews of the author. Authors also decide to provide additional information on their web pages about the background of the play, and motivations behind it.
  3. Consider critical analyses by other readers: You can be sure that there are several critical analyses of Glass Menagerie play, freely available online. By browsing over the internet, you can find write ups by many other readers or people who have watched the play. Reading through these write ups provides insights on areas you can focus the analysis. Borrowing ideas from different writers also helps to broaden your essay whilst getting adequate points to write about.
  4. Research on how to write an influential critical analysis essays: This research will help you to understand what elements to include in the analysis. By reading a variety of guidelines on how to write an analysis, you also understand how to make the analysis convincing and interesting to read. A good analysis will require you to do the following:
    • Identify author's thesis and purpose
    • Analyze all passages to understand the main ideas
    • Summarize the work in your own words.
    • Identity the intention of the play: Most plays seek to achieve different objectives. The write up could be to inform readers by providing facts, persuading readers to accept a position or reasoning or just to entertain. If it is meant to persuade, it contains arguments and supports them with evidences. If it is entertaining, the write up will include details that touch on the reader's emotions.

These details will form a basis of your analysis essay based on your understanding of whether or not the assumed intentions were achieved by the play writer.

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