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Technological Advancements

The world is rapidly changing. In other words, advancement in technology has made the world to look like a small village for human populace. In fact, advancements in technology have shown a significant growth in almost every field, may it be automobiles, communication systems, astronomy, bio-electronics, computers, security, architectural designs or business. Actually, the technological advancements have revamped almost all aspects of human life. For example, technology advancement has led to development of radio wave communication systems which are used in mobile communications, the satellite systems used in international communication, semiconductor devices which are used in calculators, supercomputers and other related high-end devices.

Significance of Technology

Human life has been greatly influenced by advancement in technology. In other words, technology advancements have advanced the quality of human. Peoples can now interact and communicate with other peoples who are thousands mile away through social media brought about by advancement in technology. It is truly amazing to communicate, share photos and make friends with people who are far much away. More surprisingly, a job that could took a person thousands years to accomplish to now be done within a blink of an eye.

Actually, the advancement in technology has made the lives of people more comfortable. Today you can do business transactions, pay bills, send and receive money while in your house. Security as well has been boosted through the development of closed circuit television cameras and weapon detection devices. People can easily monitor their surrounding by just a click of a button. The advancement in technology has considerably enhanced human health care unit. Intensive care units has played significant role in reducing the rate of human deaths over the last few decades. In general, advancement in technology has reduced the cost, time and efforts required to perform various tasks while increasing efficiency and effectiveness of the mechanism applied.

Negative Impacts of Technology

Although advancement in technology has got various significant, it has several negative impacts to human life. The advancement in technology has made most people to grow too lazy to support their life. Most people rely absolutely on technology. It is not surprising to find a graduate who cannot solve a simple mathematics without the help of a calculator. Improper application of technology is also causing health hazards to human life. People, are driving cars around without caring about the effects of hazardous gaseous products released to the environment, which is resulting to global, warming. Cyber crimes are most recent global menace resulting from technology advancements which needs to be controlled as soon as possible.

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