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Effects of Fashion on Our Society

Fashion and shopping orientation are determinants of environmentally friendly clothing purchase intention. There are factors that influence the concern for the environment in clothing purchases. In order to purchase green clothes, consumers have to accept higher costs (product price and search cost) as well as minor benefits (especially visual appearance). Demographic characteristics also influence general environmental attitudes which in turn influence clothing environmental attitudes which ultimately have a strong impact on clothing purchasing behavior. There is also the effect of materialism as well as product-image emphasis on consumers’ involvement in fashion clothing. In this term paper sample we can explore the relationship between consumers and:

  • Gender;

  • Age;

  • Level of materialism;

  • Fashion clothing involvement;

  • Fashion knowledge; and

  • Confidence in fashion decisions.

This indicates that fashion involvement is mainly affected by a consumer’s degree of materialism, gender as well as age. We can add that fashion generally influences fashion clothing knowledge. More than that, fashion knowledge influences by all means consumer confidence in making a purchase decision about fashion.

Ethical Fashion

There is also ethical fashion that can be defined as fashionable clothes that incorporate fair trade principles, which cannot harm the environment. Organic material is used to minimally impact the environment. There are some issues that relate fashion to environment:

  • Awareness and concerns about ethical issues in the fashion industry;

  • Resulting behavior;

  • Beliefs about ethical fashion;

  • Effect on purchase decisions;

  • Attitude towards ethical fashion.

Eco-Friendly Clothing

The effects of fashion orientation, shopping orientation, environmental concern and eco-friendly behavior on purchase intention should be analyzed:

    • fashion orientation- individuals’ attitudes toward and opinions about fashion products;

    • shopping orientation- variety, frequency, organization, and motivation in the shopping behavior;

    • environmental concerns and eco-friendly behavior- concern about the environment and eco-friendly behavior towards clothing.
  • The fashion orientation factors are:
    • fashion leadership- fashion leaders’ role in fashion diffusion;

    • importance of being well dressed- individuals’ being conscious of how important it is to be well dressed;

    • anti-fashion attitude- negative attitude toward fashion and eco-friendly clothing.
  • The shopping orientation factors are:
    • shopping enjoyment- the pleasure of shopping (the hedonic side);

    • cost consciousness- shoppers’ being conscious of the cost of clothing;

    • traditionalism- traditions and customs in clothing.
  • The environmental concerns and eco-friendly behavioral factors are:
    • environmental concern- concern for the environment;

    • eco-friendly behavior- practicing eco-friendly behavior (toward clothing); environmental concern toward apparel production- concern for eco-friendly apparel.

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