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What Is Mentorship?

Mentorship is an important aspect of learning and experience. It is the relationship between people geared towards gaining more experience and knowledge in a specific field. The act of mentoring is a building block for those looking to gain more insight and proper knowledge in their careers, or looking for expertise. Mentorship is used in many different career fields and proves to be an essential facet in bolstering work morale and knowledge.

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One profession that can support the notion that mentorship is essential in the workplace is the Nursing career. Within the healthcare and hospital careers, nursing is an increasingly popular and important field. Many find the healthcare field to be a strenuous, stressful and time consuming field full of anxiety and pressure. In situations such as that, a connection through empathy and advisement is critical, and not solely for success. There are important things to know and be aware of regardless of one’s position – whether mentee or mentor.


Mentees are those who are being mentored and given advice. In the nursing field, it can be a new employee working their first day on the job making rounds, or a fellow nurse who has work experience of several years. Age is not a defining factor in either the mentee or the mentor. Being a mentee does not necessarily mean being a novice, and those looking for assistance or additional guidance in nursing need to be open to trusting and finding a willingness to try.


Mentors are professionals who help others and assist them in better understanding and honing their skills and expertise. Mentors show the mentees not only how to handle situations, but also insight in the culture and social and political environments of their organization. Mentors help those looking for their assistance and guidance by not only teaching them professional and intelligent applications of their skills and work, but also by providing them with a personable, warm, and caring approach to any confusion, questions, or issues incurred.

Mentorship is a fundamental element in not just the nursing field, but many other careers as well. Though high-stress situations and pressures implicate struggle, mentorship helps aid the handling of difficult situations. By providing an environment that is open, inviting, and caring, mentorships aid in the productivity, the happiness, and the betterment of all work environments. The healthcare and nursing fields are in dire need of mentorships to help bolster the advancement of their line of work.

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