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Effective Essay Writing Begins With A Quote: Vital Advice From An Expert

An effective essay doesn’t have to be long. However, it does have to tantalize the reader and draw them in. If you can say what you need to in 750 words, do you really need to write 2000? No. Not unless you have a death wish, or are on some kind of an ego trip. Starting an essay is very similar to starting the blurb or back jacket of a novel. You want to spell out in the easiest possible way why someone should read your work. Simple.

The best way to do this is to select a killer quote that would otherwise have been buried deep within your work and bring it straight out into the sunlight to start working for you. Yes, you heard me right. Every word not only has to count but they have to physically work for you; earn their keep. Leave the fluffy writing to the nerds and the geeks. You are aiming for an A plus, no ifs but or maybes.

So, just why is a quote at the top of your work so effective:

  • It is eye-catching. Even a bad quote will be read. Hopefully, assuming you have chosen the best possible quote then your tutor will be more than happy to set all of the other papers aside and give your essay their undivided attention.
  • It is a statement. A good quote will set the tone for the rest of the work. This is why it is incredibly important that you choose wisely and don’t just pluck any old quote at random from your work.
  • A quote makes you sound knowledgeable. Even if you haven’t a clue what you are talking about, a strategically placed quote will give the impression; the allusion that you know your stuff. That your prof can forget everything they have ever read, anywhere else, at any point in their lives and just go with your take on things.
  • It shows that you mean business. A good quote shows that you are serious about delivering a high-quality paper and that presentation and layout is important to you. We would all like people to think that we are articulate and intelligent. Your quote will do precisely that.
  • It shows that you are confident. Rather than waffling on like your peers, a quote shows that you have the confidence in your own words. This in turn will inspire confidence and should get you a good grade.

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