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Leadership In Organizations

In previous years, it was relatively easy for an unethical business leader to slip under the radar and be lost to the prying public eye. These “leaders” did it in a number of ways, all which were rather unjustified. However, as this issue began to rise to the surface, it became increasingly important to both consumers and employees that they were not cheated. From this moment on, business began to search for those that embodied the requirements for being a stellar leader. One that had a decent amount of integrity, morals, and values; along with being qualified for the position. In turn, it allowed many to develop their morals in such a way that businesses have grown to accept a new definition of what leadership is supposed to be.

It is true for many that one’s personal gain is much more significant to oneself than any other person, which I believe is the reason as to why businesses have been caught in many shameful situations. Leaders would be disposed to put what would benefit only them on top of all the righteous actions that a leader should take. Corporate Governance essentially is the means, including the mechanisms and practices that a business is operated by. Governance mechanisms involve all the parts of a company being monitored. The policies, the actions that are taken, their business partners, agents they hire and many other factors are taken into consideration. Now, corporate governance is directly affected about the decisions that are taken in order to keep the interest of those stakeholders as their number one priority. In order to prevent such actions against the people, nations were inclined to pass Acts in order to regulate these kinds of things. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, for example, was passed in 2002 to ensure that corporate scandals could be in the very least minimized. It only made staying true to one’s values all the more important. Valued- Based Leadership is believed to be the only sort of leadership that should be practiced, especially in business. Hiring personnel that have strong ethical values would only serve to make the business sturdy. A person that lives by this code is usually a person who is ready to keep their fundamental values the same and change the way they get there. Business have only been shown to prosper this way. Quite frankly, it is not only about establishing a booming business but making sure that everyone involved is glad to be a part of the organization.

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