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Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology refers a scientific study of human beings and their development. It explores the process of human developments as well as the reasons why the human develop over time. Originally, the field was concerned with the development of the infants. Fortunately, the field has been growing and expanding over time. Currently, the field includes the study of the development of adolescents as well as adult development. At the same time, it includes the study of human aging and the entire human beings lifespan. Also, the field examines the changes that occur in the development of humans as well as other topics including cognitive development, moral understanding, social changes and executive functions. Besides, it examines and covers identity formation, language acquisition, personality and personality changes as well as self-concept. Other topics Developmental Psychology examines and covers include the effects and the influences of nature and nurture on the human development process. At the same time, it covers any changes that occur to humans with time. Many researchers in this field have also shown interest in human behavior and also the environmental factors. Developmental Psychology has several areas of study. Some among those in the list are Education Psychology, Child Development, Ecological Psychology, Cultural Psychology and Forensic Development of Psychology.

Importance of Developmental Psychology

For those who wish to study education, nursing as well as Psychology, Developmental Psychology is a vital area of study. This indicates that the discipline is very vital.

Benefits of Studying Developmental Psychology

The study of Developmental Psychology is vital as it gives us an understanding of ourselves. We learn of how we have developed to the current life stages. At the same time, we understand how environmental factors have contributed to who we are currently. More importantly, it gives an insight if what to expect and how to prepare for the changes you undergo when you grow older. Also, the studies are essential in helping us to understand children and thus, help them in the ways we can in their stages of development. It can make you a better parent when you know what to expect and what to do to help them to grow cognitively, emotionally and also physically. In the long run, the study of Developmental Psychology is vital in giving you a greater insight and appreciation of life and the development stages. With all the knowledge in Developmental Psychology, you can easily identify what is normal and also when there is a problem.

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