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List Of 15 Ideas For Your Descriptive Essay About Big Cities

When you are writing a descriptive essay about big cities, it can be hard to figure out a topic. There are many ways that you can approach this subject, and you can describe the whole city or just a part of it. Below you will be given ideas for your paper, but when you are choosing a topic, you have to remember to use all of your five senses to describe the city. And you can do this by doing your research on the city and even reading about others experience from other visitors to find a way to fulfill the five senses requirements.

15 Ideas About Big Cities

  1. Pick a big city and describe it to your reader.

  2. Pick a landmark in a big city and describe it.

  3. Choose your favorite place in a big city and describe it.

  4. Describe a famous place in a big city.

  5. Pick a famous street in a big city and describe it. Think Bourbon St in New Orleans.

  6. Describe a big city from a different period. Like the 20’s.

  7. Describe the traffic in a big city.

  8. Describe the differences in the big city and a small town or even your hometown.

  9. Describe crime in a big city.

  10. Describe the people in a big city.

  11. Describe life in the big city.

  12. Describe a restaurant in a big city.

  13. Describe a big event in a big city.

  14. Describe a big city overseas.

  15. Describe the nightlife in a big city.

This list of ideas should help you get started on picking your topic. But the biggest thing you have to do is to pick the big city that you are going to write about. You can do this by simply starting to research different big cities and pick on the interests you the most. And if you find one that you like, finding information on it will be easy, and you will have fun learning about the city. And if you already visited the city, it will make writing the essay easier.

There are a ton of cities that you can write about; you just have to find the subject in the city that you want to describe. So make sure you pick a good city that allows you to use all of the five senses to describe it and it will make writing easier.

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