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Must-Read Tips On How To Properly Punctuate Your Essay's Title

Punctuation serves an important purpose in written text. When you speak, you place emphasis or pause to indicate different meanings. For the written word, there are punctuation marks such as commas and semicolons, as well as bold and italic text for things that need to stand out. Being able to properly format your essay title to reflect the right punctuation is very important. Your teacher likely has some rules on this, but if you need a general guide for what is appropriate, then keep reading.

Punctuating essay titles

Here are a few ways that you can punctuate the title of your project. It will usually be in bold face, or large font size, or both. Do not use italics or quotations around the words. Always center-align your title and subtitle. If your title is a question, you can include a question mark at the end. If your essay has a subtitle, put a colon at the end of your title and then add the subtitle on the next line beneath it. Even if both your title and subtitle are rather short, it’s best to use two lines.

For capitalization, it is acceptable to either capitalize every important word, or to capitalize only words that require it. As an example:

Until the end of Time and Space: a case study


Until the End of Time and Space: a Case Study

For the other titles or headings in your paper, they should be bolded type but not in a larger size than the rest of the body. Make them left-aligned and either place it at the beginning of a paragraph with a period or on its own line without a period.

Depending on the assignment, you may have many sections or subsections within it, and those need proper punctuation as well. For example, you may have section 6, then 6.1, 6.2 etc. and be organized in an orderly way. As always, check with your professor if you aren’t sure about the correct way of formatting something. Since your professor is the one who will be giving your grade, he or she knows best what will get you the most marks for this particular homework.

Punctuating your school work titles is not that difficult with so few rules to remember. As long as you are consistent in the punctuation, it will look professional.

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