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Writing On Vaccination: A List Of Unique Essay Titles

Vaccination is a very controversial topic in the last months, and you have plenty of opinions to think about. Because of this, writing an essay on this theme can be a bit of a challenge. You don’t know what perspective to adopt and how to discuss about what you think without being too extreme. Well, the first step that you have to think about is your title; once you have it, things will become clear. Take a look at this list:

  • Vaccines and autism. A few years back, a team of doctors released a study that said that vaccines can cause autism. Since then, more and more parents refused to administrate any dug to their children, even if this can be dangerous on long term.

  • Can we build immunity without medicine? Many doctors are searching for the answer to this question but they don’t seem to find it so far. Explain to your colleagues why we need medicine in order to be healthy.

  • Parents who refuse treatment. Sometimes, parents don’t allow the doctors to administrate any medicine to their children, even if it’s just a drug for prevention. Do you think that the parents have the right to do this, or it should be considered child abuse?

  • Pharmaceutical companies. There are huge companies that produce vaccines and medicine, and they gain millions of dollars from sick patients. This means that they actually have no financial interest in keeping people healthy. Should this be a sign of alarm? Can we trust these companies and continue to buy vaccines?

  • Children have the right to choose? It is not common, but it happens. Children refuse to take any vaccines, and their parents force them to do so. As human beings, they should not have the right to make their own decisions regarding their body? Are they mature enough to do this?

  • Third world countries. In many countries, people don’t have access to basic facilities and vaccines are incredibly difficult to find. There are many organizations who try to change this situation by building hospitals and donating medicine to sick children. Present some of these organizations and their work.

  • Why we need vaccines? Many of your classmates don’t actually understand why they should get vaccinated and how these drugs actually work. Discuss about this in your composition in a simple manner.

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