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A List Of Impressive Illustration Topics For Middle School

Writing an essay involves a huge bottleneck in terms of searching an interesting topic to write about which can consume a significant amount of your precious time. But if that barrier is crossed perhaps it can be easy flowing for some people. Well, this article is written with the intent and purpose of saving you some time to use that valuable time to sit down and write your essay. So given below are some illustration topics that you can choose from.

  • a) A brief analysis of English Literature used by Shakespeare
  • b) Prose and verse: when to use them?
  • c) What’s the purpose of a language?
  • d) Why is Latin considered to be a dead language?
  • e) The rhetoric and persuasive language used by great speakers
  • f) How best to write a speech
  • g) How to make friends using social media
  • h) Can social media substitute face-to-face meetings?
  • i) A study of quantum physics
  • j) What is a bosom particle?
  • k) Darwin’s evolutionary theory
  • l) Did God create human beings or have we evolved from amoeba?
  • m) What is H2O and what does it consist of?
  • n) What is earth’s atmosphere made of?
  • o) Where do the colors of the rainbow come from?
  • p) How are mathematics and statistics connected?
  • q) Chicken or the egg: what came first, mathematics or statistics?
  • r) How do solar panels convert sunlight into electricity?
  • s) A theological view of Buddhism
  • t) What’s the connection between Buddhism and Hinduism?
  • u) How related are kinesiology, bodybuilding and physical therapy?
  • v) What can we learn from metamorphosis about the evolution of man?
  • w) The extinction of white rhinos in the African continent
  • x) Different forms of government
  • y) Is benevolent dictator the ultimate solution to effectively lead a nation?
  • z) How best to tell a story to a 5-year-old

The topics are derived from various subjects ranging from several disciplines. They are English literature, language, religion, politics, physical therapy, history, social studies, physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, and statistics. These are subjects on which much researches and studies have already been conducted. Hence it's easy to find reading materials on them from which you can derive the information to prepare the essays.

A quality essay would include the following:

  1. Differing and opposing views of the same topic
  2. An analysis of the ongoing and inconclusive research that is being done

Also, do not forget to write a compelling introduction at the beginning that would make the reader want to read the rest of the essay as well as a conclusion at the end of the essay.

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