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The Spanish Inquisition

Just like many phrases, the phrase Spanish Inquisition has been with us for long enough now. It has been used both in history and at present to refer to the kind of questioning and interrogation that was seen long ago. It was done on the new converts to make sure that they were ready for conversion. It involved a lot of grilling and at times torture. After being used long enough to weigh the faith of the new converts to Christianity, the Spanish Inquisition became so famous that it became a phrase. It was adopted in courts and was primarily used to judge people. At this time, torture increased and there was a lot of people dreaded it. One thing that is not very clear is why the Catholic used Spanish Inquisition whereas it involved a lot of torture. Why not just preach the word and let people convert willingly rather than applying torture to make people admit their sinful way and convert.

Who was on the receiving end of the Spanish Inquisition?

The Spanish Inquisition one of the many Inquisition present in the period between the twelfth and the nineteenth century. This, however, has remained so famous and appears in many history books because of its widespread use by the Catholic faith. Tribunals were formed to try those people that were baptized but held and fought for different and contrary opinions to the Catholic Church. It was also used to make sure that those people that were not of the Catholic faith could not intermarry with the Christians. The inquisition led many Christians to suffer because of fake testimonies. Those that were highly regarded in the society made testimonies that make the faith of some servants, rivals, slaves and enemies questionable. This lead to them being subjected to trail in the tribunals using the Spanish Inquisition.

Obscure purpose

The main reason that led to the formation of the Inquisition remains unclear. It is, however, clear that there was a series of vested interest that led to the establishment of the Spanish Inquisition. Factors associated with its formation range from economic, political and religious factors. It was an intention by the Spanish Christians to control the Jewish population. Before its creation, the Jews were increasing both in numbers, wealth and power. This is what led to a major outcry from the Christians and the government. To curb the further growth of the Jews, tribunals were formed. This was the beginning of the Spanish Inquisition.

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